KF Sound & Lighting

Par 64 - Long (Black)

Prolight LumiPar

Strand Quartet 650w Fresnel



Pin Spot

Stairville LED 10mm Par 64

Par 64 - Short (Black)

Lighting Equipment

Par 64 - Long (Silver)

  Cameo LED Par 64

Rush MH6

Martin Rush MH6

Martin Mac Quantum

Rush MH3

Smart Battery Hex Uplighter

Stairville LED 10mm Par 64

ETC Source 4

15º - 30º Profile

Prolights SmartBat Hex Uplighter

Martin Rush MH1 Profile

Prolight LumiPar

Selecon Acclaim PC 1k

ETC Source 4

25º - 50º Profile

KF Sound & Lighting's ever growing range of equipment is sure to make your event stand out. Contact us now to enquire about any of the items we stock by simply emailing us at Enquire@kfsoundandlighting.co.uk or by clicking the Contact Us page. Just click on any of the catagories below to view the equipment we stock. New equipment is always arriving so if you don't see what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to get in touch to see what we can do for you.

Acclaim Profile

18º - 34º

Martin Mac Quantum
Mac 2000


Par 64 - Short (Silver)

Generic Fixtures

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Martin Mac Viper

Wash DX

Selecon 650w Fresnel

Cameo LED Par 64

Martin Rush MH3 

Par 16 (Birdie)

Mac 2000