KF Sound & Lighting

When hiring equipment from KF Sound and Lighting you the customer agree to and are bound by the below terms and conditions. Hire is subject to agreement of the below terms and conditions.


  • “The Equipment” refers to any goods or services hired by KF Sound and Lighting or any part thereof
  • “The Customer” is the individual, company or firm hiring equipment from KF sound and lighting. Any person who acts as a representative on behalf of a company or firm is also bound by these terms.
  • “Event” is the production or event being put on/organised by the customer or third party organisation or member.

General Hire Terms

  • The hire period and charges commences at 9am on the day of hire unless the customer is collecting the equipment earlier whereupon the hire period and commence time of charges would be altered to the agreed time.
  • Hire equipment must be returned on the date and time agreed within the hire contract. Failure to do so we result In additional charges against the customer.
  • All equipment must be returned in a similar physical condition, be in full working order and be clean ready for other customers to use.
  • All cables must be coiled and taped before being returned to KF Sound & Lighting.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have sufficient batteries for their performances. Where applicable KF Sound and Lighting will always provide the first set for the equipment. Batteries can be purchased through KF Sound and Lighting if the customer wishes to do so.
  • The customer becomes fully responsible for the equipment stated in the contract from the starting date and time. This reasonability ends upon KF Sound and Lightings receipt of equipment from the customer.
  • The customer is responsible for ensuring that the persons setting up and operating the equipment have been instructed on safe working practices and operational instructions.
  • KF sound and Lighting does not expect liability for equipment that is damaged whilst on hire to the customer. The customer agrees to pay KF Sound and Lighting the full retail cost of equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.
  • The customer is responsible for ensuring that they have insurance against the above liability.
  • The customer is responsible for loss during the period of which lost, stolen or damaged equipment is none hireable. These charges will end upon replacement of the product.
  • Breakdown or unexpected working of equipment should be reported to KF Sound and Lighting immediately.
  • Misuse or improper use of equipment breakdown call out would be result in a charge being made against the customer. This would be dependent on each individual situation.
  • All of KF Sound and Lighting equipment is Annually PAT tested, all plugs are earthed and all electrical equipment is checked thoroughly after each hire for signs of wear and tear.
  • The equipment should only ever be used with the plug/socket that it is fitted with.
  • Modification to equipment is strictly forbidden unless an agreement has been made between the customer and KF Sound and Lighting.
  • The customer is responsible for ensuring they have enough power whilst equipment is on hire to power up the hire equipment.
  • Equipment that is damaged as a result of wrong or faulty power supply will be charged.
  • The customer is fully responsible for ensuring that equipment is serviceable and clean ready for use for the duration of the hire.
  • The customer is responsible for ensuring that equipment hired from KF Sound and Lighting is able to be used in conjunction with other equipment during an event.
  • KF Sound and Lighting is fully entitled to terminate the hire agreement at any point during the hire if the KF Sound and Lighting has reason to believe the customer is in breach of any of the terms.
  • By agreeing to these terms you authorise KF Sound and Lighting to enter upon property if KF Sound and Lighting has reason to believe terms are being breached.  KF Sound and lighting has full discretion to whether or not hire equipment is removed from any event and the hire agreement is terminated. The customer would be charged for this.
  • By entering into a contract with KF Sound & Lighting and accepting the delivery of sound and lighting equipment the customer will ensure they will obtain or already obtains the license for the performance they have hired the equipment for.  KF Sound and Lighting is purely a Sound and Lighting provision supplier and takes no dealings with performance rights.

Payment Terms

  • Payments must be paid in full within 30 days of invoice being issued to the customer.
  • The customer will receive two gentle payment reminders. The first will be 5 working days before payment deadline and one on the day of the payment deadline.
  • Late payment will be subject to a 10% (per day) interests being added to the total hire value.
  • All payments are subject to VAT at a rate of 20%.
  • All charges are payable on demand.
  • The customer is not entitled to without payment from KF Sound & Lighting due to dispute nor shall they be entitled to set off against the agreed payment in the contract between themselves and KF Sound & Lighting.
  • Any legal expenses or other charges occurred during the recovery process of failed payment will be charged to the customer.

Cancelation Policy

These terms only apply if the customer terminates the contract. ( see below)

  • 30 days or more from the beginning of the hire – NO CHARGE
  • 14 days before the beginning of the hire – 25% CHARGE
  • 7 days before the beginning of the hire – 50% CHARGE
  • 2 days or less – FULL rental charge.

KF Sound and Lighting has full discretion with regards to postponement of hire. This will be dependent on individual circumstances.


  • Delivery times quoted by KF Sound and Lighting are only an approximate timing. KF Sound and Lighting is not liable for delay of delivery equipment however caused.
  • Our hire charges do not include delivery/carriage.
  • Carriage charges quoted by KF Sound and Lighting are only incorporating actual journey time, load and unload. Additional time and people will be paid by the customer. Additional support can always be scheduled and quoted prior to delivery/carriage.
  • KF sound and light has the right to be able to recharge additional costs for any delivery or any unexpected additional costs during delivery/carriage for example bridge tolls or waiting time.

Hire Terms and Conditions